cpd23 – Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

I have been investigating the blogs of the other participants of cpd23 since early May, but it’s only now I’ve gotten around to blogging about it.

I was waiting to see if there would be any other Information Governance style people who would join, and so far I have found one sort of link in someone working in Records Management. Mostly, people are starting out, and there’s a fair few blogging newbies out there as well as more confident/established bloggers.

I was also pleased to see it isn’t just me who’s getting a little behind with the course, and there are some who confess to starting out but not carrying on last year!

There is an interesting mix of librarians out there too. Some graduate trainees (welcome to librarianship!) and some who have been in the profession for longer than I’ve been alive (sorry!)!

The people I’ve met so far have seemed very friendly and approachable. When I initially started my cpd23 journey on my personal blog, two cpd23 participants commented on my blog and were really very nice. Similarly, posts I’ve commented on which have then been commented on too, have been commented on with very welcoming posts.

What a friendly lot we are! I’m looking forward to this (and I promise to try my very hardest to keep it up!)

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