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A new start…

Last year, I created my first blog. And then I didn’t do anything with it. Earlier this year, I decided to make a start, but I wasn’t quite sure what to write about. I have a lot of things going on: work, CILIP Branch committee, mentoring, cheerleading, baking, crochet… the list goes on. So I decided I would keep a general blog and write about whatever takes my fancy.

Then I saw a Tweet to announce that cpd23 was running again this year, so I decided to sign up. Off I went, but then I wasn’t sure. A lot of the blogs seemed very focussed to library and information work. Noone seemed to be using a general blog. Hmm.. I carried on regardless.

And to begin with this was nice. I got a fair few comments on my blog about Herman the Friendship Cake. But then, I still wasn’t sure. Something didn’t feel right.

Finally, during a #chartership chat last night I was convinced. It IS possible to manage more than one blog. Given I’ve not blogged professionally yet, I think maybe this is the push I need. Some people won’t mind the odd bit of cake or craft blogging (what is it with home crafts and library and info professionals???), but others will want a more professional approach. And I agree.

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